Start at the top!!! EVERYBODY IS A PIXEL

Please read this:

apparatjik invites you to start your art career at the top and work your way down! normally it takes a lifetime for an artist to get into the door of a national gallery.

we say get it out of the way now - and start enjoying yourself! apparatjik invites you to participate in the 'apparatjik light space modulator' to take place at the neue nationalgalerie in berlin, from 13 to 26 march, 2011


submit images at 1024 x 1024 pixels in size, and jpeg format only. a maximum of 32 images per participant to be submitted before march 1st, 2011. for technical reasons, all slides will be cropped to a perfect square. you either send us a perfect square or you accept apparatjik cropping your work.

By submitting your photo you allow us to use the picture freely for future Apparatjik projects.

Submissions now closed.

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