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We Are Here – Bulletin

These have now been made. Being sent out on Monday to those who handed over their hard earnt zonk.

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3 Responses to “We Are Here – Bulletin”

  1. Jesper says:

    I’m not here

  2. Starlight says:

    Hard earned and well spent zonk!! Can’t wait to find this in my mailbox!

  3. Jane says:

    I would rather swap bits of paper that sit there doing nothing for a bit of metalplastic that says stuff!!!! Zonk is only beneficial when swaped for something lovely.Therefore I conclude Zonk causes concerns whether it is there or not – so best to get rid of it in return for things that make smiles happen!

    I look forward to receiving my metalplastic in return for my bits of paper. There is though one condition attached to this – when you receive my zonk – you must then swap it for something that makes you smile!!