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THE EyeON Committee has approved the following:

THE EyeON Committee has approved the following statement for use everywhere:

8 individual original APPARATJIK art prints have been produced at atelje larsen in helsingborg. all prints are signed and numbered by all 4 artists collectively.

these prints are the first ever made by guy a, jonas a, magne a, and martin a, as the apparatjik collective, and are limited to an edition of 25 of each print. A bolshevik box containing a CD / DVD and 12″ Vinyl is included with each print.

A further limited edition of stand alone Bolshevik Boxes will be made available at a later date for sale at moods of norway stores around the world, to coincide with the launch of the APPARATJIK fashion capsule.

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4 Responses to “THE EyeON Committee has approved the following:”

  1. Karin says:

    I’ve pre ordered the #5 print + Bolshevic Box last week.
    The print will look great next to the Magne F ‘Alpha Beta’ print on my wall!
    When doas The Outland expect to start shipping?
    Greetings from Amsterdam.

  2. SecretOktober says:

    Riddle me this overseer…will this stand alone BB cost as much as the previous edition since the limited edition print will not be available with it? Also will there be a vinyl released of We Are Here as a stand alone item as well?

  3. Apparadude says:

    How many limited editions of a limited edition before it ceases to be a limited edition? I feel a little bit uncomfortable about paying a fair bit of zonk for which I thought was a 1 of 200 limited edition box to now find there is yet another “limited” edition. (I do realize the first one comes with the print but I think perhaps it could have been made a bit clearer before the first “limited” edition went on sale). Just my two zonk worth.

  4. Toney Nemzek says:

    You know it’s easier to get killed by a terrorist than get married over the age of 40.