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Thursday, February 10th, 2011

7000 eichen, birchen, pine, ash, maple, agave, gingko…we need them all
greetings comrades!

apparatjik wishing making your particular you-niverse more green.

inviting all apparatjiks to participate in outland tree-planting action,

starting super friday 11.02.2011 the first 1000 apparatjiks to buy and plant sapling, with snapshot of plant with name of person planting, and place and date of tree planted indicated clearly in writings on photo and register on

this webpaging:

will receiving free new apparatjik music – at least one, maybe more times!

please to remember; a pet tree is commitment for life.

but will give joy for generations to come – should new generations come.

this message approved by the eYeon committee

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