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sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

Sex cells- sound and vision under the influence


sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

@ stolper + friends

lowell A report:

appa-gnats! for duration lasting 7 suns, new audio art collisions formed all inclusive of sound droppings in space Jb8X_9 – money notes guaranteed.

sound set to loopings – one every 60 minute steaks running away till the1800s every moonfall.

canvas y paper brush dancings corrupted throughout the time continuum glued to many loopings of auditory waves.

times cheerful, many loops eerie, also floating serenelijke. previously archived and retired projector-bots drafted to brighten up the mood-nings.

bots add fat free pictorial helpings and beamed shapings to the party.

humanoids travelled far and narrow as robyn hitchcock + violin duotoning from kari & ole henrik A occur with lowell A.

apparatjik posted magne A via digital worm hole to add binary & analog lashing. many jars of schrödingers jam on technical auditory devices

until fingeroids lodged protesting.

humamoids entered bringing pizza discs, beer capsules and liquids made with colour particles. atmos covered the full apparat spectrum deltoid of end A

noisy chaos mixed with jet engines +  end B – silent vacuum alloyed to cloud of banana skins.

some covert photogrammings have been recovered from the crash site and is here now: Lowell A Facebookings

Part 1:

Part 2:

Audio taken from SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lowellsongs


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