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important message to all apparatjiks

pleased to announcing apparatjik performing ‘apparatjik light space modulator’
at the neue nationalgalerie in berlin, on the 12th, 26th and 27th of march
with special apparatjik installation inbetweens.

strictly limited capacity, but the committee has secured tickets for our loyal comrades,
to be dispersed according to outland regulative Z:2458.05AP-LSM
for the nimble of finger, quick of step.

please to not call museum people about tickets.
they do not have.

apparatjik at neue nationalgalerier in berlin
shurely shome mischtake…?
njet, nix, nein, no.

ticketings start feb 1st at 10am london time – http://theoutland.com

this message is approved by the eYe-on committee

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14 Responses to “important message to all apparatjiks”

  1. Remandra says:

    How very exciting. Unfortunately… I have not yet mastered the bending of space.

  2. Jenny says:

    Sounds fabby fab fab, wish i could go. Love n hugs n stuff xxx

  3. veronickNowhere says:

    IS REALLY TRUE !!!!!!!!
    VERY GREAT !!!!!!!!

  4. alison s says:

    Venue looks wicked!! :o)

  5. Pam says:

    I wish I could go…. do that here in Mexico!!

  6. Arrow says:

    I would give anything to go. Anything reasonable, of course. I want to keep my dignity.
    Wish you the best, guys.

  7. Jane says:

    This is good – das ist very good! But alas cannot be there in solid form – however wish all who are solidly present much joy and intellectual stimulation! Tell us your findings.

  8. Sylvia says:

    Not gonna make it unfortunatelly. Unable to cross the ocean.

  9. Martine says:

    See you 12th. march 2011 :D can’t wait!

  10. Anderson says:

    This really is a problem I need to do more research into, appreciation for the publish.

  11. Kasia says:

    Germany ?? such a shame…it’s too far away !! how about more concerts ?
    ( in Poland … :D )
    cheers !!!

  12. Simonetta says:

    That’s what I was waiting for…! Ready for this “Journey”…. ;-)

  13. lullaby0473 says:

    I keep my eye on you !!! long life to apparatjik !

  14. Claudia P. says:

    see you 26th+27th!!!