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Moods of Norway – Apparatjik Capsule

Space case norwegian designers moods of norway will launch an ‘apparatjik capsule’ embedded in their 2010 summer/autumn collection.

The EyeOn Committee issued the following warning: please do not attempt to imagine the future without infiltration of apparatjiks everywhere

Keep a look out at http://moodsofnorway.com/ for more info. Moods will post more details shortly on how zonk can be exchanged for apparat materials.

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2 Responses to “Moods of Norway – Apparatjik Capsule”

  1. Jane says:

    The two Apparatjiks in photo look visually pleasing in new decorative layer!

  2. Starlight says:

    Got myself the red hoodie today!
    Zonkless, but happy!
    (thumbs up to the lovely ppl at the MoN-store in Oslo who patiently waited for me to make up my bloody mind about which item I wanted!)