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everybody’s on stage!

after all the recent cube controversy, apparatjik has decided
to do the most radical thing ever – something so new, so daring,
so never before been seen, so not imagined, nor indeed realised:

a full length concert stage-performance, with music – and visuals.
and…hold on to your hatnicks: apparajtik will perform facing the audience!

it took a lot of hard thinking to get us here, but we think we can pull it off.

not satisfied with being just us, we go one further:
apparatjik invites all our fans worldwide to join us on stage!

for more details click here:

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the eYeon committee.

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2 Responses to “everybody’s on stage!”

  1. Jane A says:

    A unique conceptual conception of an idea! It may catch on – facings are better seen and not heard!

    Keep idea under lock and key and key and lock to ensure performing humanoids do not take it and run a mock with it.

  2. Dan B says:

    I just received my copy of the new cd from the hideous right-wing Amazon. I wish I had seen this website beforehand. I was most pleased to hear the delightful voice of Jonas and, in this more electronic setting, the many vocal nuances find a new freedom. We don’t sightsee, we dance, you understand.