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sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Sex cells- sound and vision under the influence


sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

@ stolper + friends

lowell A report:

appa-gnats! for duration lasting 7 suns, new audio art collisions formed all inclusive of sound droppings in space Jb8X_9 – money notes guaranteed.

sound set to loopings – one every 60 minute steaks running away till the1800s every moonfall.

canvas y paper brush dancings corrupted throughout the time continuum glued to many loopings of auditory waves.

times cheerful, many loops eerie, also floating serenelijke. previously archived and retired projector-bots drafted to brighten up the mood-nings.

bots add fat free pictorial helpings and beamed shapings to the party.

humanoids travelled far and narrow as robyn hitchcock + violin duotoning from kari & ole henrik A occur with lowell A.

apparatjik posted magne A via digital worm hole to add binary & analog lashing. many jars of schrödingers jam on technical auditory devices

until fingeroids lodged protesting.

humamoids entered bringing pizza discs, beer capsules and liquids made with colour particles. atmos covered the full apparat spectrum deltoid of end A

noisy chaos mixed with jet engines +  end B – silent vacuum alloyed to cloud of banana skins.

some covert photogrammings have been recovered from the crash site and is here now: Lowell A Facebookings

Part 1:

Part 2:

Audio taken from SoundCloud:


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you can dancing if you want to!

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

you can dancing if you want to!

here is little know fact: in lonely, half abandoned strain of the multiverse,
apparatjik operate as premier dancing instructor team. (for korean rappers mainly)

in case you wish to taking class, you should try the following strategizing:

1. place one friend not so afraid of public ridicule in front of hotel building, and let rip.
2. please to send beautiful recording to hotel facebook paging;

if you make funny dancings in front of other things, hotel peoples will still look and consider.

1st prize is one night in glorious apparatjik suite!
2nd prize is two nights in glorious apparatjik suite!

this is ruse to bring more international peoples to cold, scandinavjic
country called noway (geographical equivalent of chlamydia-testings)
happy funky shaking!

this message approved by the eYeon committee.

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parallel strands of universelets converge

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

parallel strands of universelets converge, as apparatjik returns to retrace its own footsteps in the places that spawned its apparat beginnings: first it ate roskilde, and now: oslo!

the side-order of scandinavia comes alive with apparatjiks celebrating openings of new art muse-ums at tjuvholmen on the 29th of septembering with free audiovisual fireworkings for all comrades and followers of the apparat. sprout silver and scratch your discoballs…time to help us stick it to the stick once again!

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Moods of Norway – Apparatjik Capsule

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Space case norwegian designers moods of norway will launch an ‘apparatjik capsule’ embedded in their 2010 summer/autumn collection.

The EyeOn Committee issued the following warning: please do not attempt to imagine the future without infiltration of apparatjiks everywhere

Keep a look out at for more info. Moods will post more details shortly on how zonk can be exchanged for apparat materials.

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Flø Coverage

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

NRK Footage

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Bolshevic Box Pre-Order & Exclusive Print

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Outter Box:

Pull out inner box:

Inside of inner box with red vinyl, cd & dvd:

Inner Sleeve With Placed Discs:

On Saturday 5th June Apparatjik will launch The Bolshevic Box at Studio Hugo Opdal on the Island of Flo in Norway as part of “Go With The Flo”. This limited edition CD/DVD/12” vinyl box set of We Are Here which will sell for £250 will include one of 8 exclusive Prints made by Apparatjik and will be strictly limited to a run of 200 (25 copies of each of 8 prints).

Before the official launch on 5th June the Eye On Committee would like to make a limited number of The Bolshevic Box with Print available to you for an introductory price of £150 while stocks last.

Prints 1-4:

Prints 5-8:

The Prints were produced by the band during a workshop in Norway earlier this year and the Bolshevic Boxes are already in production. Box with print to be shipped no later than w/c 12th July.

Visit to get your copy of the Bolshevic Box

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