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Bolshevik Box Bulletin

The outland.com is being prepped as we speak for the sale of the Bolshevik Box. There are going to be 8 special limited edition prints to choose from which means the outland needs some special jiggery pokery to accommodate such a powerful box and prints of this calibre. The unveiling may be pushed to tomorrow morning due to multiverse interference. Re-wiring is taking place. Stay tuned.

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12 Responses to “Bolshevik Box Bulletin”

  1. overseer says:


  2. overseer says:


  3. ILGB says:

    Definitely yes.

  4. overseer says:


  5. oneleggedrobot says:


  6. SecretOktober says:

    They say yes to our zonk….

  7. Starlight says:

    @Overseer, yes!! :D

  8. Arantza says:


  9. Caterina says:

    8 special limited edition prints? Interesting :)
    *tunes in*

  10. Wherrwhfer says:

    Woo :D