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Apparatjik presents Lowell A

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Apparatjik is proud to make new postings for new audio wavelinks from Lowell A!

Purchasing can now be made via iTunes from your local time zone data library. Purchases can also be made for the phycial representation of musical formats from theoutland.

Purchasings via iTunes
The mini-album is now live for purchasing here:

Universal Reviewing:

“The average punter couldn’t possibly say when this singer will hit the heights of stardom, but it’s bound to happen.” THIS IS FAKE DIY

Video Data Bindings via YouTubes:

Shake Him Off


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parallel strands of universelets converge

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

parallel strands of universelets converge, as apparatjik returns to retrace its own footsteps in the places that spawned its apparat beginnings: first it ate roskilde, and now: oslo!

the side-order of scandinavia comes alive with apparatjiks celebrating openings of new art muse-ums at tjuvholmen on the 29th of septembering with free audiovisual fireworkings for all comrades and followers of the apparat. sprout silver and scratch your discoballs…time to help us stick it to the stick once again!

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Apparatjik Presents Lowell A

Friday, July 6th, 2012

New from Outlandings previously not explorerd emerges Lowell A, in presentings with Apparats and musical bee bops.

Shake Him Off

Pictures in Motion:


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everybody’s on stage!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

after all the recent cube controversy, apparatjik has decided
to do the most radical thing ever – something so new, so daring,
so never before been seen, so not imagined, nor indeed realised:

a full length concert stage-performance, with music – and visuals.
and…hold on to your hatnicks: apparajtik will perform facing the audience!

it took a lot of hard thinking to get us here, but we think we can pull it off.

not satisfied with being just us, we go one further:
apparatjik invites all our fans worldwide to join us on stage!

for more details click here:

this message approved by
the eYeon committee.

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apparatjik alert, apparatjik alert!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

apparatjik alert, apparatjik alert!
the eyeon committee has detected unidentified apparatjik-like activity in UK’s second capital: luminescent city of brighton.

a new, hitherto unauthorized version of the liberation unit has been spotted, in effort to bring back the most excellent,
alas not too cheerful, earth-chapling ian curtis – in pixelform! mr division sadly disappeared in this universion many years ago,
only to work more subtly through loopholes and tangential dimensions of the multiverse


apparatjiks themselves appear confused about the newcomeling.
and when the confusing becomes confused a whole new layer of cake has been discovered!

in general, the committee welcomes parallel events in true apparatjik spirit, although in this instance,
the material on offer has not yet been properly scanned, verified, nor approved by said committee.

we will of course send agents of the apparatus to this luminous location to make sure young apparatjiks are not led astray,
and we welcome all opinionated apparatjiks to spread the gospel of the apparatjik multiverse, in the way they see fit.

anger is management!
all art is theft, but some thiefnicks are thiefier than others!

this message approved by
the eYeon committee

end of transmission.

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Apparatjik World

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Square Peg In A Square Hole


New sonics and visuals now here for downloading to your iPad thingy.

Apparatjik World – Issue A – including new musical album from Apparatjik.

At no costing to you until further instructionings from the eyeOn committee.


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