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Apparatjik World – coming to a world near you

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015


Totally awesome Apparatjik book table-coffee showing width and girth of Apparatjik varied and unique productions since upstart in this universion in 2008.

Apparatjik projects defy definition and classificatings in the media since day one, and this book sums up impressive Apparatjik oevres-chmoevre: Surreal, chaotic, anarchic, playful, and overall good for everything, it shows projects undertaken with greatnik sincerity and serious ultra-optimism, involving great number of supporters around this corner of the multiverse in the creative processing.

Apparatjik is the adopted brain-child of people determined to do things the difficult way, avoiding all aspects of systems available to them, insisting on the freedom to raise their childnjik in atmosphere free of conformite…marmite?, com-promises, and outside of any health & safety regulation.

This book is beautifully produced conceptual and technical object, and apart from giving rare insight into the cluster of creative minds refusing to playing the cards they have have dealt themselves, it is also highly entertaining for humans and humanoids alike, and an absolute must-have for anyone interested in the weird & wunderbar intersections between pop & art. Dorothy, we are definitely NjeT in Kansas anymore.

Apparatjik World

(Metamerge UN-LTD, UK)

ISBN: 978-82-999821-0-8

Artist-book available in selected museumstores, and on Amazon:


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Everybody is Clapping

Friday, May 23rd, 2014


apparatjik is in new recording situation together with extremely talented external people, to make music soundings to be featured in movie-feature filmings in the near future.

we decide to take applause in advance, and so inviting all our friends out in internet-outland to participating on this new apparatjik record:


we also making video for me&youtube and multiverse formats later – with participants parttaking.helmets, wigs or mask are welcome, but not strictly required.

upload submission to:

together we will make world’s biggest clap sound ever heard on music-record for eternal history. first applause, then music – it is right way!

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Announcings Lowell A with colour arranged visual audio waves

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Announcings Lowell A with colour arranged visual audio waves, new data publicised on clouds.


Lowell A has given birth to new data entitled ‘I Killed Sarah V.’  The data is spreading fast and has now been declared a virus by the Eyeon Committee. The committee advises to let any firewalls burn out and that any computational devices download these files from


Further words and inklings can be seen here also:


cloud 69 



Linkage to the other dimensions:

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sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Sex cells- sound and vision under the influence


sex cells- sound and vision under the influence

@ stolper + friends

lowell A report:

appa-gnats! for duration lasting 7 suns, new audio art collisions formed all inclusive of sound droppings in space Jb8X_9 – money notes guaranteed.

sound set to loopings – one every 60 minute steaks running away till the1800s every moonfall.

canvas y paper brush dancings corrupted throughout the time continuum glued to many loopings of auditory waves.

times cheerful, many loops eerie, also floating serenelijke. previously archived and retired projector-bots drafted to brighten up the mood-nings.

bots add fat free pictorial helpings and beamed shapings to the party.

humanoids travelled far and narrow as robyn hitchcock + violin duotoning from kari & ole henrik A occur with lowell A.

apparatjik posted magne A via digital worm hole to add binary & analog lashing. many jars of schrödingers jam on technical auditory devices

until fingeroids lodged protesting.

humamoids entered bringing pizza discs, beer capsules and liquids made with colour particles. atmos covered the full apparat spectrum deltoid of end A

noisy chaos mixed with jet engines +  end B – silent vacuum alloyed to cloud of banana skins.

some covert photogrammings have been recovered from the crash site and is here now: Lowell A Facebookings

Part 1:

Part 2:

Audio taken from SoundCloud:


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you can dancing if you want to!

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

you can dancing if you want to!

here is little know fact: in lonely, half abandoned strain of the multiverse,
apparatjik operate as premier dancing instructor team. (for korean rappers mainly)

in case you wish to taking class, you should try the following strategizing:

1. place one friend not so afraid of public ridicule in front of hotel building, and let rip.
2. please to send beautiful recording to hotel facebook paging;

if you make funny dancings in front of other things, hotel peoples will still look and consider.

1st prize is one night in glorious apparatjik suite!
2nd prize is two nights in glorious apparatjik suite!

this is ruse to bring more international peoples to cold, scandinavjic
country called noway (geographical equivalent of chlamydia-testings)
happy funky shaking!

this message approved by the eYeon committee.

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

SHOULD NOT BE ON DISPLAY The Apparatjik Graphic Magazine – Exhibition – November 16th

Important announcings of four type of inks hitting papers and assembeling into magazines of a graphical nature.

Details are below in language of localised nature.

16. November 2012, 19:00 Uhr
mzin – Buchhandlung und Projektraum für Grafik und Kunst
Paul-Gruner-Straße 64
04107 Leipzig
Die Ausstellung endet am 28.11.2012

See for furthings of data.

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