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Apparatjik presents Lowell A

Apparatjik is proud to make new postings for new audio wavelinks from Lowell A!

Purchasing can now be made via iTunes from your local time zone data library. Purchases can also be made for the phycial representation of musical formats from theoutland.

Purchasings via iTunes
The mini-album is now live for purchasing here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/if-you-can-solve-this-jumble/id570997585

Universal Reviewing:

“The average punter couldn’t possibly say when this singer will hit the heights of stardom, but it’s bound to happen.” THIS IS FAKE DIY

Video Data Bindings via YouTubes:

Shake Him Off


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2 Responses to “Apparatjik presents Lowell A”

  1. Andy says:

    1 this is awesome, 2 I’m really sad about not being able to buy it in the US :(

  2. EncouncBora says:

    Condivido interamente nonostante le idee espresse fino ad oggi. Continuate cosi.