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apparatjik alert, apparatjik alert!

apparatjik alert, apparatjik alert!
the eyeon committee has detected unidentified apparatjik-like activity in UK’s second capital: luminescent city of brighton.

a new, hitherto unauthorized version of the liberation unit has been spotted, in effort to bring back the most excellent,
alas not too cheerful, earth-chapling ian curtis – in pixelform! mr division sadly disappeared in this universion many years ago,
only to work more subtly through loopholes and tangential dimensions of the multiverse

check: http://brightonfestival.org/event/548/live_transmission/

apparatjiks themselves appear confused about the newcomeling.
and when the confusing becomes confused a whole new layer of cake has been discovered!

in general, the committee welcomes parallel events in true apparatjik spirit, although in this instance,
the material on offer has not yet been properly scanned, verified, nor approved by said committee.

we will of course send agents of the apparatus to this luminous location to make sure young apparatjiks are not led astray,
and we welcome all opinionated apparatjiks to spread the gospel of the apparatjik multiverse, in the way they see fit.

anger is management!
all art is theft, but some thiefnicks are thiefier than others!

this message approved by
the eYeon committee

end of transmission.

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