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Apparatjik World – coming to a world near you

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015


Totally awesome Apparatjik book table-coffee showing width and girth of Apparatjik varied and unique productions since upstart in this universion in 2008.

Apparatjik projects defy definition and classificatings in the media since day one, and this book sums up impressive Apparatjik oevres-chmoevre: Surreal, chaotic, anarchic, playful, and overall good for everything, it shows projects undertaken with greatnik sincerity and serious ultra-optimism, involving great number of supporters around this corner of the multiverse in the creative processing.

Apparatjik is the adopted brain-child of people determined to do things the difficult way, avoiding all aspects of systems available to them, insisting on the freedom to raise their childnjik in atmosphere free of conformite…marmite?, com-promises, and outside of any health & safety regulation.

This book is beautifully produced conceptual and technical object, and apart from giving rare insight into the cluster of creative minds refusing to playing the cards they have have dealt themselves, it is also highly entertaining for humans and humanoids alike, and an absolute must-have for anyone interested in the weird & wunderbar intersections between pop & art. Dorothy, we are definitely NjeT in Kansas anymore.

Apparatjik World

(Metamerge UN-LTD, UK)

ISBN: 978-82-999821-0-8

Artist-book available in selected museumstores, and on Amazon:


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